Friday, March 18, 2016

Along Rookery Road

Rookery Road winds along the eastern half of Lake Martin.  Mostly consisting of rock gravel, it's a dusty and bumpy  ride.  At least it's wide enough to park without blocking others from passing. My husband and I made several trips along this road in our pursuit to seek out birds and other wildlife in the area.  

Portions of the swamp near the southern end of the road are literally covered in duckweed which gives it a bright green, slimy appearance.  The duckweed dissipates and water hyacinth dominates the swamp near the northern end of Rookery Road.  

On my right side (heading north) I viewed some tropical appearing plants (I don't recall the botanical name of these green fan-shaped plants), beautiful yellow wildflowers growing alongside the road, several turtles warming up on logs, a unique camp house, an old wood-framed house (I like old houses), cows in a pasture of yellow wildflowers (signs of spring), squirrels and a variety of birds.

Among the birds we viewed- Red-winged Blackbird, Pied-billed Grebe, Barred Owl, Killdeer, Yellow-rumped Warbler and White-throated Sparrow.  

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful, safe weekend!
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  1. Wonderful collection of photos! I love the owl. Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks like a fascinating place! And great bird pictures.

  3. Wow. You had quite the photo safari. Love the shot of the redwing.

  4. Hello, wonderful collection of photos. The marshland and Cypress trees are beautiful. I love all the turtles and the birds. The Owl is a favorite and I love the sweet Killdeer. What a great outing. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.
    Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  5. Wow....beautiful photos....thanks for sharing this!

  6. Lovely shots of al the treesand the critters. Have a great week ahead.