Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Foxy Fella

The skies were overcast today and I thought it would be a prime opportunity for outdoor photos.  I gathered my camera equipment and headed out first to Lake Columbia.  I saw several coots, a Great Blue Heron and an unidentified hawk but they were on the opposite side of the lake, too far away to get any decent photos of them.  

I then drove a few miles to Lake Bill Waller in hopes I would have better luck there.  There was nothing visible on the lake but as I was heading out, I spotted a few Dark-eyed Juncos.  I pulled over to watch them.  Within minutes, I spotted a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and a Downy Woodpecker on a nearby tree.  I tried to get some good shots of them but they were partly obscured by tree branches.  

Just as I was starting to leave, a Fox Squirrel came scurrying across the grassy field.  When he spotted me, he stopped dead in his tracks and stood up.  For a good minute or two he stood frozen in place and curiously stared at me.  I think he was more curious (and probably frightened) about the clicking sounds of my camera as I snapped away.  Finally, he slowly turned then quickly made his escape into the nearest tree.  

Fox squirrels aren't that common in my area.  The only ones I've seen have been in the wooded area surrounding Lake Bill Waller.  I'm grateful to this foxy fella for making my trip there worthwhile today.  


  1. Susan, HE is SO HANDSOME...just a striking lad!...:)JP

  2. Oh wow, the foxy squirrel is so pretty. What a lovely color, we only have the gray squirrels here. Great photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. He's a cutie. Ours aren't quite as colorful down our way.

  4. I think he's posing for you! He's very handsome.