Monday, February 29, 2016

Another "Cute Squirrel" Post

Today is my 3rd post-op day and all is going well.  Actually, it's going better than I expected. I've already "graduated" from crutches to a cane and require just minimum assistance in standing up from my chair.  I'm looking forward to my complete recovery and the return of my normal routine.  

The squirrel photos are from June 2015.  Another cute little squirrel.  I can never have too much of their "cuteness".  I love to watch these frisky critters play in the trees and steal seeds from the bird feeders.  They're so much fun!  This one appears to be "flexing his arm muscles" in the second photo and exercising in the next three photos.  

Hopefully you've had a great start to this new week.  It's hard to believe that today marks the passing of two months from this year's calendar.  Amazing how time flies.  Thank you for dropping in!


  1. Hi Susan. I'm delighted to hear that you are progressing so well after your knee surgery.
    Lovely shots of the athletic garden visitor. The first day of Spring already AND typically its raining here!!

  2. cuties

    Hope you're back training for that iron man in no time ;)

  3. Hello Susan!:) It's good news to learn you are recovering from your knee surgery, it's a very painful operation I beleive. Adorable sqirrel captures doing a pole dance! :))

  4. That's great news! The squirrels are so cute and always fun to watch.