Friday, September 5, 2014

The Neighborhood House Finches

Just a few more shots of the neighborhood House Finches...
taken between May and July 2014.
All are female finches except for the single male in the very first photo.

These small birds are usually quiet and peaceful, 
but will sometimes fight for their spot at the feeders.
When I'm occasionally lucky and it's fairly quiet outdoors,  I can hear their sweet songs.
I could sit and listen for hours....

I wish you all a great weekend ahead...
May you be blessed and surrounded by those things which are dear to you  :)


  1. Lovely captures of these sweet little finches Susan. They seem very at home at your decorative wooden feeder,...I love it, wish I could buy one like it.
    Have a good weekend too!:)

  2. Our little ones were all around the feeders today Eileen! Great pix!!!...:)JP