Friday, September 12, 2014

Last Cardinal Fledglings of the Season

It's been a busy Spring and Summer for the Northern Cardinal parents which reside near our home. As best I can tell, two couples have had at least two broods each during breeding season this year. I've counted as many as 12 juveniles at our bird feeders at the same time.  

These photos, taken between August 22nd and August 27th show the last fledglings of the season.  I noticed that Dad Cardinal did most all of the feedings.  

The young ones are so impatient while waiting for Dad to remove the sunflower seed shells.  They flap their wings up and down and chirp loudly, demanding to be fed NOW.  The fledgling in the photo below  was suddenly frightened when another Cardinal perched on the shepherds hook below its Dad...look how puffed up it was!  

Dad did a great job in feeding his young...sometimes they could be seen at the feeders during late evening hours.

Another thing I've observed about young birds is that often they attempt to feed themselves while the parents are away.  Upon their parents return, they flap their wings and behave as if they're totally helpless again.  Is it because they want to be "babied" for as long as the parents are willing to play along?  If so, it sometimes works- for a little while.  Isn't it remarkable how human babies behave much the same way?  :)

Thank you for dropping in.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!


  1. Its hard work being a Dad! Nice set of shots.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne