Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Juvenile Cardinals Have Arrived!

While recuperating from back surgery done last week, I've been sitting on my back porch a few minutes each day, observing the newcomers. I've been expecting them and knew they would arrive sooner or later. 

I've observed several juvenile cardinals at the bird feeders.  One group of them appear older than the others.  Additionally, it appears there are more females than males; however, it's not uncommon to err at this young age because immature males may be mistaken for females.  

Juveniles are fun to watch- their flight skills need further development and they're sometimes clumsy. They also fight frequently over the feeders- they don't like to share.  

They remind me of human behavior observed in own our children and grandchildren.  
Thank you for dropping in.  Have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. They look crabby even when they are competing for food. Loved them.

    Recover quickly.

  2. They're so cute. I hope you're doing well.