Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring, Splendid Spring

 The signs of Spring are everywhere around me...

The hostas planted last year are appearing
and the lilies have multiplied.
This is the very first bloom of the season.
A few thistles have shown up in the back yard,
along with a variety of wildflowers.
Pine cones are developing and new growth has appeared on the shrubs.
Frogs have come out of their winter hibernation
and birds are gathering nesting materials.

I'm thankful for the season and the new life it brings, 
and I'm enjoying the longer days.

"When the world is filled with sunlight, brighter and longer, 
when the song of Mother Nature becomes stronger and stranger,
Spring has begun".  ~ Camille Gotera


  1. It's snow, splendid snow around here this morning. Spring has abandoned us!