Saturday, September 5, 2015

Super Excited About My New Camera Lens!

Hi Everyone!  It's been weeks since I've posted on my blog.  My internet service has been horrible latetly!  I get a connection for one to two minutes then lose it.  I've never had worse internet connections than this one.  I'm planning to check into more options next week.  

Now for my good news- I now have a new camera lens, hooray!  I received my Sigma 150-600 mm Contemporary lens a couple days ago.  The Canon 100-400 mm was on my wish list for a while, but the Sigma was more affordable and I think it will serve my purpose.  

I tried the new lens out today while there were so many hummingbirds present at the feeders. I've been waiting for the crowd to show up because autumn is approaching.  They suddenly appeared yesterday morning- at least a dozen of them, ready to devour the sugar water.  I accommodated them by refilling the feeders and even adding a couple more.  

The Sigma lens is pretty heavy (4.3 lbs) so I had some difficulty shooting with it hand-held, but even so, the photos aren't too bad considering the speedy subjects.  A Manfrotto 393 support bracket is on its way to me so I'm anxious to see how well the lens does when mounted on a tripod.  

Hopefully my internet connection will improve soon and I'll be able to post more often.  It seems to take forever to upload photos.  I become really annoyed while trying to pay some of my bills online, ugh!!!  

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.  I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!  


  1. Hello, adorable series on the hummers. They are so darn cute. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  2. Awesome photos! Have fun with your new lens.

  3. I'm jealous. I would love a 'zoomier' lens. That 9th shot is really cool

  4. What gorgeous shots of the hummers!

  5. I have looked at that lens many times, but always shy away from non-Canon products. However, this appears to do a beautiful job! The second and last photos are tack sharp. Using a tripod will get you even better results. Congrats on your new lens!