Friday, July 10, 2015

Titmice Pair

I usually hear the titmice before I see them.  Their unique, squeaky little voices give them away.  I just love to hear and see them at the feeders.  It's not easy to capture good photos of them because they'll appear for only long enough to grab a seed or nut then poof!- gone, just like that.

Most often they'll sit on a nearby branch in the tree where they'll crack open the sunflower seed or break the nut into smaller pieces to eat.  But occasionally, one will stay on the ledge of the bird feeder and eat.  I'll watch that little head bob up and down as the tit cracks open the seed.  Just precious!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I'm off this weekend, but not really off.  There's the usual work around home to catch up with- laundry, general house cleaning, yard work.  I'd get it done much quicker if I wasn't distracted by all the birds and butterflies in my back yard ;)


  1. I love the sweet Titmouse! Wonderful series of images! Happy weekend!

  2. ah...reminds me...I didn't fill the was raining last night