Sunday, April 26, 2015

April Blooms in My Garden

Despite all the rain, our newly planted flowers and shrubs did well during April.  Daytime temperatures have been comfortable enough, so I've spent a good portion of my spare time outdoors. Our flower gardens are fresh and lively.  I wish they would stay as colorful and fresh as they are now, but the summer heat will soon set in and destroy some of their beauty.  Some of my favorites from the month of April...

Blue Salvia is a favorite for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds
The St. Joseph's Lily bud attracted a tiny visitor- anyone happen to know what kind of spider this is?
One of three varieties of Hosta planted in my gardens
I love the color combinations of this Lantana- "Luscious Berry" from Proven Winners 
I did a mass planting of them a few feet from the back porch- they're so pretty!
Gaillardias aka Fire Wheels or Blanket Flowers are always a hit with their bright orange & yellow petals 
The Scarlet Milkweed is already growing like crazy!
A beautiful "weed"
The Scarlet Milkweed attracts butterflies, in particular the Monarch.  It also attracts Milkweed bugs.
The Kleim's Hardy Gardenia shrubs have bloomed beautifully
I love Gardenias!

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