Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sweet Family of House Finches

Lately I've been entertained while watching this precious little House Finch family from my front porch.  The juveniles stir up a heap of noise while perching in the tree or at the feeders.  They flap their wings rapidly and chirp loudly until the parents feed them. Imagine trying to feed three hungry little babies at one time while they're all whining- sheesh!  I've noticed that they seem to stay closer to Dad- sometimes the little ones are right on his tail when he approaches the tree.  He spends a great deal of time feeding them, more so than Mama.  Such a sweet family of birds and fun to watch ;)  

Below are photos of an adult male House Finch. I love the blend of brown and rosy red plumage.  He is beautiful...

The juvenile male House Finch is beginning to develop his red plumage- within a couple of months he should be in full dress. 

Nice HD video of House Finches that is posted on YouTube:

More to come :)))

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